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October 2012

Map of Our Journey

This is a very tentative itinerary of where we'd like to go. We will be traveling very slow, over the course of a couple years, so naturally, it will change as we change and grow.

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Preparing for our Journey

One Month To Go!

We decided if we’re doing this, we’re going all in! And I mean “all in”! We would sell everything we own, pay off all our debt, and leave! In just three short months! What???! Yes, you heard us, we decided we would do all this in three months, we’re crazy (or really smart? Hmmm…).

We started by searching many other families’ blogs and travel sites for research on what others did to prepare for such a journey. It was very surprising and inspiring to find that we were not alone; there were many other families doing the very same thing all over the world! We started selling stuff on Craigslist and eBay, and getting ready for a couple weekends of big garage sales; we also sold stuff to many friends and family. Then we began donating many of our clothes and other items to local charities, like Jessica’s former employer, who help newly arrived refugees in America. It was truly amazing, and kind of disgusting, how much “stuff” we had that we really didn’t need or use. And we’re not shoppers or hoarders. Then we also had to start planning our actual trip. Where were we going to start? What would we bring? And how could we fit a family of three’s items in one backpack? Jessica, being the planner and organizer, immediately started a spreadsheet, detailing packing lists, tentative itineraries, and pre-departure to do lists.

Over time, a plan began to materialize. We would either go to Central or South America first. And travel slowly from there to the South Pacific and SE Asia, and eventually to Africa and Europe. Jessica kept thinking with a budget in mind and though flying into Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula would be cheapest and then travel overland down to South America. That became a problem when we discovered that you can’t really travel safely through Panama to Columbia. We didn’t really want to fend off drug cartels and guerrillas in the jungle, so that only left taking that portion of travel in a plane. But it was expensive to travel by air from Panama to anywhere in South America, almost as expensive as traveling from the U.S.! Now, this whole time, Tracy kept saying lets just go straight to Peru. He just felt drawn there. But that’s didn’t really make sense because we would miss everything north of there and have to backtrack later to see Central America.

So this is where the story gets a little weird. We decided to see a psychic medium that our midwife had told us about; neither one of us has ever done anything like this, but we weren’t opposed to it either. Without telling her anything upfront about us, she picked up on some loved ones that had passed away, and then all of a sudden, she asked “Are you guys moving??” We told her we were. Then she said, “…to Colorado?” We laughed and said no. She asked, “But it’s somewhere with mountains, right?” We later discovered that psychics still have to process things through their own minds and her frame of reference was obviously the U.S. Colorado has the highest mountains in North America, but where are the tallest mountains in South America? The Andes, the highest peaks located in Peru, Argentina, and Chile. We told her we were thinking about going to Peru. And then she said that THIS is why we came to her, she could feel it. She told us Peru had been on her mind for days now. She even talked about Peru in her last session and the individual in that session didn’t know why. And it turns out she has family, a brother-in-law, in Peru. She went on to tell us that we would feel at home there and that we needed to document our travels. She said we would bring people together and teach others in a community setting. After the session ended, she wouldn’t even take our money, because she said we were meant to come to her. She said she would be following up with her brother-in-law to get us in touch with him. So it appears Tracy’s feeling was correct, Peru would be our first destination.

Then in the following weeks after our session with the psychic medium, Peru kept coming up in conversations (not prompted by us), we met people from Peru, we’d see shows about Peru; we were even told by a second psychic who channeled her spirit guide that we were meant to go to Peru and that we’d feel at home there (I know, weird!). It was if the universe was screaming “go to Peru” at us! So we booked our tickets! We would leave November 19th! Jessica then began searching Wwoof farms in Peru. Sadly most didn’t accept children. We actually only had three choices and emailed all three farms. One never returned our email, the second wasn’t accepting any wwoofers until April, and the third said…..yes, we could come, but didn’t have any room until January 10th. So we’d have nearly two months in Peru without anything planned, yet we weren’t worried, we’d figure it out.

So back to the logistical planning of the trip. Right now, we are less than a month away from leaving, and we still have a lot of “stuff”. We’ve had two garage sales, posted numerous items on Craigslist and Ebay, donated items, and even brought some stuff to a business who sells your stuff on Craigslist and Ebay for you (we needed the help!). It was starting to get a little stressful, but then again, we decided this journey was way bigger than us and this stuff we had. We’ll probably end up giving the rest of it away (so if you’re in the Kansas City area and need some stuff, stop by…). Unfortunately, we do have to still buy stuff we need for this trip, like a backpack, some lightweight clothes, a universal sink plug, and some waterproof farm boots. However, it all seems less important, now that we feel we are embarking on a journey that will change our lives forever. More on our personal and spiritual journeys in the next post!

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Some People Think We’re Crazy, Some Ask Us Why…

Living what we thought was the “American dream,” we didn’t realize that when we moved in to our house in 2008 that soon our whole world would be turned upside down after receiving a few tomato plants from Tracy’s dad that first year. Jessica had never grown a plant before, living in big cities for most of her life, and Tracy, who did grow up a bit more rural, was still never interested in growing his own food. However, after that first taste of a true homegrown tomato, we were both hooked! The next year, we decided to take out half of the grass in our backyard to make way for more veggies and fruits. As we learned more and stumbled along, our gardening endeavor led to a larger discovery to how we, as a whole, were living in America. As we became closer to the earth and nature, we realized how far we’d fallen from how people were meant to live. We began reading and learning more about the corruption of the government, which is largely controlled by the big businesses, like Monsanto. We started making connections between every aspect of life in America, from the food system to the treatment of the land to the “dumbing down” of the education system to the healthcare system to our lack of family and community. To make a long story short (because we could go on forever), we are sick of living in a system and culture that intentionally poisons its people and only favors the wealthiest individuals while keeping the rest of us distracted, sick, and disconnected.

We’ve gotten to the point where we feel like our only option is to remove ourselves from this system, and live at one with nature and in community with others who feel the same. We thought about moving to the country and living on a farm because Tracy’s parents have land in Missouri too, but then we feel like we would be isolating ourselves more and we know we need a community to live in too. And after Elijah, our son, was born, we became even more thoughtful of how we are living and how we want to raise him. We don’t want him growing up in a culture that promotes Ipads for 3 year olds or puts high fructose corn syrup in nearly everything fed to the masses, from babies to adults. We want him to grow up in a loving family and community, which respects the earth and gives back what it takes from nature.

So after a couple of failed attempts at exiting this culture permanently, one immigrating to New Zealand and the other moving to a commune, we were trying to figure out where we were meant to be. Then after one day sitting on the deck, we were fumbling around the idea of living in another country again. There were so many obstacles though: immigration, permanent residency, money, debt, applications, etc. From the research Jessica had done, many countries wouldn’t accept you unless you already had a job there or could support yourself fully without a job. Both of those would be tough at this point. Then we thought of Wwoof (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), an organization that connected organic farmers with farm volunteers all around the world. We’d known a couple of people who did this and loved it, an opportunity that combined our love of organic gardening with community and international travel; does it get any better than that? But seriously though, didn’t our preset American minds say you can’t have a family, a baby, live a good life AND travel the world??? We then starting thinking of all the hassles, like what we would do with our house, our debt, being away from friends and family, having to deal with diapers and other baby things away from home. There was no way we could do this? Or was there? People lived in other countries and had babies; people used to live nomadically, without diapers, strollers, and all the other “luxuries” of modern living. This was actually what we wanted to get away from. We were in search of a place we could call home, a place of love and community, where Elijah could grow up, and where we could actually learn about life and living one with ourselves, our planet, and our God. So we said why not just do it. And the planning began…

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Searching for the Source

Why We are Headed on this Journey

Whether you call that source God, Allah, Mother Nature, Gaia, the Divine Father and Mother, the great “I Am,” or maybe you don’t know what you believe in, there is something undeniably bigger than us, greater than us, yet within all of us. It connects us, it makes life worth living, and it makes us get up each morning and choose to live another day.

But unfortunately, that Source, that life force, has somehow escaped us in our modern lives. We work tirelessly day in and day out, buying the latest gadgets, and becoming ever further in debt to a system that has never given us anything of substance. We all say the most important things in our lives are our family and friends, yet somehow we continue to put up barriers, walls, and distractions that keep us from enjoying them fully. Things like Facebook keep us “connected” but disconnected. iPods, iPads, smart phones, the internet have “improved” our lives so much, many people have difficulty holding a real conversation anymore. We’ve become so scheduled and busy, multitasking five things at once, we don't have time to enjoy what life is really about!

So our small family has decided to do something different, and search the world for what life is really about, enjoying, living, experiencing, and remembering. We want to truly experience life to the fullest; we believe that we are capable of knowing and experiencing God on earth and we're set out to do just that. Here's a quote from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin that we really like:

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience." large_IMG_1077.jpg

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Who We Are

We are a family of three, Tracy, Jessica and our five-month old son, Elijah, and we are about to embark on a journey into the unknown in hopes of discovering a greater truth and wisdom that lies within everyone of us.

We are selling everything we own, minus one backpack full of clothes, a baby carrier, and a few boxes of pictures (which will stay with family), to venture on a round the world adventure dedicated to living life and searching for the source of life and the universe.

Here’s a little bit about each one of us…

Loving, funny, calming, and a little sarcastic, Tracy, husband and father, is the laid back one of the family. Until October 2012, Tracy worked as a professional counselor seeing individuals and couples in a private practice. He also loves to play softball (or any sport for that matter), work in the garden, cook, go hunting and fishing, and is learning to meditate and discover his higher self. He is striving to get closer to our Source, God, and to people on our journey by learning to serve others, rather than serving himself.

Passionate, creative and a little OCD, Jessica, wife and mother, is the organizer of the family. Until June 2012, Jessica worked with newly arrived refugees to America. Now she spends her precious days wiping up spit up and changing diapers, but loves every minute of it. She also loves to work in the garden, cook, bake, meditate, and learning how to make nearly everything from simple ingredients. Of course, she does this all in small one-hour segments because that's usually how often Elijah wants to nurse! She is hoping to learn to live in the moment, relishing in the awesomeness of every second, every person, and every conversation God presents to us along our journey.

Excitable, happy, and determined, Elijah, even at five months, has already realized he is in control of the family (just kidding…?) Born under the full moon and a planetary alignment, Elijah is a hand-full, but in a good way. His body is in constant motion (we’ll see how that goes once he starts walking, yikes!). He loves to be outdoors and loves to see the world by standing on whatever he can (with assistance of course). Our prediction is….he’s going to be a great travel kid. What we're hoping for him along this journey is that he'll discover his full potential as a crystal/ultraviolet child (more on this later!).

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