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This One's All About Elijah!

So for all you baby lovers out there, we wanted to do a quick blog entry all about our cutie, Elijah! He has grown so much in the last three months, and we want to give you all an update.

November 2012: 5 months old
We left the US for Peru when Elijah was about 5 ½ months old. He was just beginning to sit up on his own. He could push up off the ground with his hands, but hated to be on his belly; he preferred that someone hold him, so he could stand on a lap. He’s wanted to stand since he was about 2 months old! He still didn’t have any teeth and didn’t have any interest in solid food. Also, we practice EC (elimination communication) which is kind of like early potty training, except we’re the ones learning, not Elijah; anyway, at this age we would catch about half of all his daily pees/poos in a toilet (or bush/side of a building, haha).

December 2012: 6 months old
At 6 months old, Elijah was first interested in foods, and ate a bite of Jessica’s banana when we were in Puno, Peru for his first true taste of food. He loved it! Then in the same day, he tried sweet potatoes and regular potatoes. Around the same time, he got both of his bottom teeth in! Ouch! This month, he also “army” crawled for the first time in Cusco, Peru. He really hates it though, and actually grunts and groans about it the whole time while crawling. It’s pretty funny! Oh and we got better at saving diapers; we only miss about one or two per day! We’re also teaching him sign language for “potty” so hopefully he can start telling us when he needs to go.

January 2013: 7 months old
This month, he started “pulling up” on everything! All day, he’d just puts his hands up in the air for us, so we can put out our hands for him to pull up on. It’s really cute! (and sometimes a little tiring). He really wanted to stand by himself, but can’t yet at this age. So we got to help him a lot. Even though he wanted to eat food at this age, he was still having trouble not choking/gagging on solids, even when they’re pureed or mashed, so he doesn’t get much. Up to this point, these are the foods he likes: tomato, lemons, limes, onions, oranges, carrots, and bananas (his favorite like his daddy). For some reason, he doesn’t like avocados, which makes us a bit sad, but we’ll keep trying. This month, he said his first word, dada, while we were in Pisac, Peru, and then everything was dada. Dada, dada, dada, all day long. Tracy loves it! He also signed “potty” for the first time this month. It’s amazing! We are doing great with EC, and sometimes go days without a dirty diaper!

February 2013: 8 months old
We never thought we’d be so thankful for carpet, but since having it here in Tampa, FL, Elijah has been able to really get going on the floor by himself! We didn’t have many options in Peru without worrying about him cracking his head open. Anyway, he started crawling, for real, and is really good now (which just means we’ve got to be quicker)! He also can pull up by himself on almost any edge, which is still a bit scary if he does accidentally fall. But he loves it, and can stand for about 10-15 seconds all on his own without holding onto anything. He can’t wait to start walking also. He wants us to “walk” him around by his hands everywhere and it’s super cute! Most people think he’s at least one when they see him, and are surprised when we say he’s only 8 months. We have back-tracked a bit with the ECing; we think he’s a bit distracted with all this new found freedom of movement and has stopped signing to us. But we’re not giving up. Luckily we’ve got washers and dryers here in the States! He hasn’t said any more words, but he does like to babble on in his own language, and growls sometimes too. He’s definitely working out his vocal cords this month. Not much progress with solid foods, luckily he’s got plenty of breastmilk that even a toddling 8 month old won’t go hungry! Oh and we'll be seeing two more teeth soon!

Well, that’s the baby update! We will have another entry soon to let you know how our “culture shock” back into the Matrix went. It’s been a wild one!!

Oh one more thing about Elijah, he makes a lot of crazy faces, if you didn't notice.

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He's gotten SO big! And he does make some CRAZY faces! Hahaha. I'm glad you're catching a little bit of a break back here in the States. Love you all SO much! Xoxo

by Catherine Thompson

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